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The new solutions are born through active involvement of differents poins of view. The sustainable projects happen through really engaged teams.
The team of Open Space Collective works with their partners for:
●    Active engagement of employees and partners;
●    Building of shared vision for development;
●    Strategical structuring of work process;
●    More effective work meetings, more engaging seminars and conferences;
●    Active involvement of the stakeholders in processes and projects;
●    Entrepreneurial thinking and attitudes in teams.

In Open Space Collective we partner with communities, businesses and organizations that contribute to the better quality of life; look for and implement new models of work and cooperation. We offer: CONSULTING, DESIGN, HOSTING OF MEETINGS, PROCESSES AND EVENTS, TRAININGS.

The mission of Open Space Collective is to support communities, businesses and organizations, that contribute to the better qulity of life, in order to make them more sustainable and innovative through participation.
In our work as consultants, trainers, designers, and moderators of meetings, processes and events we actively use Art of Hosting.


We have come along the exciting and dynamic path from the first telecom operator in Bulgaria to the popular Bulgarian brand VIVACOM - leader in providing high-tech services of a new generation. Today, we take care of the communication needs of more than 4 million customers and are proud to have successfully developed a network of over 230 shops throughout the country.

In today’s fast-paced and challenging world it is not enough to have a voice connection; we have to be connected anywhere at anytime. That is why we at VIVACOM rely on out-of-the-box thinking and approach to provide innovative and effective technological solutions for everyone.

Our mission and goal is to provide personalized services to our customers: mobile and fixed voice services; high speed broadband internet access through fiber optic, copper and satellite infrastructure;  data transmission services via the mobile and fixed networks; and individual telecommunication solutions tailor-made for the client. We have a mature distribution network with above 230 own retail outlets, where the clients can choose the service they need and use free of charge wi-fi Internet.


Dunapack Rodina JSC is a leading producer of corrugated board and packaging. We provide high quality and innovative packaging solutions. We use state-of-the art technology and fully recyclable and biodegradable materials.
Among our customers are leading Bulgarian and international producers, export-oriented companies and industry leaders in Bulgaria.
Learn more about our products and find out your package with us!

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