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After the success of the first two editions of the competition for young HR talents  "HR in action" we will now held its third edition. But the rules are different ... forget about cases on paper, forget about writing solutions! We will throw you in the deep to see which of you will emerge first!

"HR in Action" for students

Thanks to the first two editions of the competition 48 students were given the opportunity to be interns in HR departments of various companies. Some of them continued working in companies after their practices.
Participation in the project brings benefits not only for the winners, but to all participating students. During the final event they will be observed not only by representatives of the companies, they have chosen, but by all other companies involved in the project. This increases their chances if you do well, to get the opportunity for future relationships with any of the companies.

"HR in Action" for companies

Every HR professional knows that is not easy to find ambitious young people ready to join their company. "HR in Action" gives the participating companies a unique opportunity to see "in action" knowledgeable and capable young people motivated to join just your company. Do not miss this chance!

Jump into the deep!

HR in Action 3 has one goal - to engage more companies and attract more students! If you are not afraid to jump into the deep HR water - HR 3 in action is waiting for you!

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